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40 Royal Marine Commando

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

1962 to 1966



.When Dalrymple came into the room for the first time I saw him shorter and some ways thinner than I was, but not much. I noticed he was fond of continual gestures with his hands. He had bold ginger hair that made him almost Technicolor.  My family had some red hair and my uncle how fought at Monti Casino was similar to Dalrymple, so I was far from a stranger to ginger locks. What surprised me much more than his stature was his consistent use of profanities or to speak plainly, swearing profusely.  In fact, at least every second word seemed to be an effective cuss that came out of determined ginger Dalrymple . He was master at this linguistic art and did so naturally, he could have been born to it.

 Someone remarked he was sure he dropped in a French profanity every so many words. This made me wonder if he was multi linguistic and liked to show off occasionally. But the best theory was his natural ability to swear without rhyming a word and minus any French. His likeliest words were in a stream of intermittent curses that came out if his mouth matching a Morse code message. He had this technique of emphasising the words to such a good effect they painted the picture perfectly.

What happened next was completely unexpected. Dalrymple arrived in the room and stood between the beds and began to speak and did not swear. It was so different we couldn’t understand a word he was saying. We waited for a profanity that was as sure as three comes after two. But this didn’t happen and we were forced to ask what the problem was. He told us solemnly and not without some sign of regret, he was finished with bad language for keeps. We did not swallow this easily and waited for an eventual slip up. It did not come and Dalrymple became normal and may I say a little boring.

 One late afternoon Dalrymple came into the room more dynamic that he had recently been. He looked as if he was about to lecture us on the evils drinking. Instead he began a torrid of bad language our ears picked up as quite pleasant. He swore he would never stop fucking swearing again and to prove it he swore for a minute or two. I was sure I heard a French word or two. Dalrymple was back and sounded great.

 A door opened in my life when I saw a picture of Dalrymple recently and memories flew in. I could hear his pleasantries resound down the paths of time, uncensored and humorous. Such things are priceless.

Andy Anderson. 2 Troop.  

I have been lucky, with a good attentive wife and am a proud Grandfather of nine children, all good looking.  More the merrier I say for children are after all our future.  20015. 

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