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Historical Time Line

This website is open to anybody who might be able to correct the already posted or add new material (by word document if possible) along with proof of where the information has come from.

Its also a possiblity that some of the early dates might be wrong owing to the changes made during the early 1700's.

The Old Style (O.S.) way of dating events and documents known as the Julian Year was changed in most Catholic countries in 1582. It was replace with a New Style (NS) known as the Gregorian Year that was adjusted to start on the 1st January. This change was also implemented in Protestant and Orthodox countries some time later. In England, Wales, Ireland and the British colonies, the change of the start of the year and the changeover from the Julian calendar occurred in 1752 under the Calendar (New Style) Act of 1750. In Scotland, the legal start of the year had already been moved to 1st January (in 1600), although Scotland continued to use the Julian calendar until 1752. Many cultures and countries now using the Gregorian calendar have different old styles of dating, depending on the type of calendar they used before the change.

Where possible you can also add to the Royal Marine Slang page, used since the Second World War.

This site is also adding Kings Squad pass out photos.

40 Commando during the Borneo Emergency December 1962 - August 1966.

42 Commando during the Borneo Emergence December 1962 - August 1966 (coming?)

At some time in the near future it is hoped that all can be handed over to an RM Organisation.