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Landguard Point


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The Royal Marines have a permanent display within Landguard Fort located to the south of Felixstowe.

The Royal Marines were formed in 1664. During 1667 they were part of a detachment guarding Landguard Fort against the Dutch, who attempted to capture the Fort. It was the last time that a foreign invasion force set foot on English soil. It was also the first time that the Royal Marines fought on land. The Royal Marines have a long action packed 352 year history. Local Royal Marines Rod Spinks and Steve Searle have set up a display within the Fort to commemorate its history. A display that grows by the day. All donations are very much appreciated and go to


Welcome to Landguard Fort

Darrells Day took place on 2nd July 1667


This year the Fort will open from: Sunday 29th March to the 1st November 2015.

Daily from 10.00am to 17.00pm with the last entry at 16.00pm.

Admission prices Adults £4.00.

Concession £3.00.

Children under 15 £1.50.

Children under 5 free.

English Heritage members Free.

Includes a free Audio Tour.

Please note Prices may be different for special events.

Like to visit their website go to:

An E-book on the Royal Marines '350 Year History' is available FREE on line.

For those wishing to make a small donation to help wounded Royal Marines, there is a link within the book or here.

The Royal Marine Museum

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Please Help Our Wounded

All donations are very much appreciated

The 350th Anniversary of the Dutch landing at Felixstowe and of their defeat in battle by Captain Nathaniel Darrell Commander of Landguard Fort. It was also the first time that the Royal Marines fought on land.

Will be celibrated in 2017

Dates to be announced?