40 Commando Royal Marines

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

The Borneo Emergency

18th December 1962 to August 1966

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Dieppe Day Parade at Burma Camp 19th August 1964
MT   Home   Lombong Falls

We all know the names, we all know the faces.

The problem is placing them together.

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Head Quarters
S Company HQ
Anti Tank
A Company HQ
B Company HQ
C Company HQ
1 Troop
4 Troop
7 Troop
2 Troop
5 Troop
8 Troop
3 Troop
6 Troop
9 Troop
Roll Call to date 762
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Medals for the 'Borneo Emergency' including the GSM to 40 & 42 Cdo.
The Reason 40Cdo was on active service in Borneo
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L/Cpl Douglas John Radford Awarded the Military Medal at Gumbang
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Know of a good story that happened while you served in 40Cdo

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